Monday, June 28, 2010

Free Bantam Easter Eggers


Old One-Eyed Jack says it’s time for these babies to hit the road. Anybody want some chickens?



Fallon Shay said...

They are so cute! I'd love one but I just live too far away.

Penny said...

Are they all roosters???

John Gray said...

i will take two greays...send em over

Christine said...

Penny, I have a few hens but I'm only letting those go to some who takes at least one roo. LOL

John, I'll send them right over. With customs delays I'll say they will be there in a couple of months or so. ;-)

Jody said...

ADORABLE! Tell "Jack" to bug off! Don't I wish that I could take a few!

deborah said...

Oh I wish I could have a few, I would take hens and roosters!

Terry said...

Wish my chicken coop and pen were ready, I'd love to take them off your hands :) They are all so cute!!!