Monday, May 9, 2011

A New Girl in Town?

I don’t know who this animal is.


I used to have a sheep named Rose. She was fat and fluffy.


Now she is gone and I have this skinny thing.


“It’s ME, Rose! I swear,”  she says.

I don’t believe her.



Anonymous said...

Poor Rose!

Michelle said...

Poor Rose looks like a Ross now...maybe a lacy ribbon in her hair will help.

Danni said...

Haaaa! I'm just about to post my before and after photos of Kai llama! She got her haircut on Saturday. She's got the skinniest little pointy butt now! :-)
I think Rose looks very fresh and rejuvenated with her new "'do". lol

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Aww, she must have gone swimming and her wool shrunk! LOL!!!

Michelle said...

Nope; same beautiful, beautiful face. :-)

Michelle said...

Nope; same beautiful, beautiful face. :-)

Milah said...

I wish I could slim down that quick!

Taryn said...

Tell her blondes have more fun.

Karen Patrick said...

I'm with Milah on this one!

Nancy K. said...

Have you been doing your own shearing again???


I need to schedule my shearer to get out here!