Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nosey Buggers

The Engineer has plenty of construction supervisors.


They all just want to make sure the stalls are installed to their specifications, I’m sure.


They also like to peek in on what the sheep and goats are doing.


“What are you looking at?” asks Daisy.

I don’t think she likes being peeked at.


They are warming up to everyone here but still don’t want to be touched. That is a good thing. You don’t want an overly friendly alpaca boy because they could become an overly aggressive alpaca adult. We don’t want that. So while it is very tempting to tame them to the point that they will eat out of your hand and let you cuddle them, it is a temptation you must resist.

We have the round pen set up and will work on halter training and desensitizing them to their feet being touched, but outside of that there will be no touchy-feely stuff going on. It is going to require all my willpower.  Not only are they cute, but after skirting their super soft fleeces I have an overwhelming desire to run my fingers through their hair.




Michelle said...

Will geldings get aggressive? Or are all these boys intact?

Christine said...

Three of them still need their proceedure which they will get soon, but yes the geldings can get still get aggressive. Not as much as an intact male, but enough you still don't want to deal with them.

Karen Anne said...

No cuddling? Oh, nos.....

Milah said...

Can't pet? That's like sending an alcoholic into a bar and telling him he can only have the peanuts!

Seriously, they don't even look real....they look like stuffed animals! And so darn cute!

Evelyn said...

Hi Christine, I just love those fluffy legs.
p.s. please come and teach me to spin

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Oh boy, how will you ever do that? Just look at those faces! They are just little loves!

The Barn Door said...

They are so dang cute! But no cuddling?!?!?! That seals it, can't have one of those then. I couldn't keep from hugging them!!

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

NO SNUGGLING??!!!! I admire (but understand) your restraint!

Autumn said...

They have little puffball ears! I probably wouldn't make it not petting them.

Karen Patrick said...

That does it for me. No alpacas. There's no way I could not pet and hug and spoil them rotten. It's hard to imagine them ever being aggressive with those sweet faces. My husband would probably be glad to hear there will be no alpacas, since he didn't know they were ever under consideration in the first place. You are one lucky woman, Christine.

Carol said...

Those are just the cutest little guys. I would love to have some but like the rest I would have a hard time resisting the hugging.