Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Mary Koval Bag

Last October I attended the American Coverlet Museum's Coverlet College in Bedford, PA. On one afternoon during the trip my friends and I stopped into Mary's Quilt Shop to browse. It hadn't even occurred to me that it was Mary Koval's quilt shop. As I glanced around I thought, gee all these fabrics look familiar, then it hit me. A few minutes later in walked Mary. As we chatted I mentioned that I already owned most of the fabrics in the store because I love her fabric lines. She laughed and said she could probably find one that I don't have. Perhaps one of her early lines. We chatted about why we were in town and she graciously gave us a tour of the quilter's retreat space above her shop. It is lovely, if I go back again that is where I will stay. Before we left I picked through the cart of fat quarters choosing my favorites. My friend asked me what I was planning to do with them. "I'm going to make a Mary bag," was my response, which Mary got a kick out of. We made our purchases and went on our way.

So the next day during a break at the conference, a gentleman approached me and said, "I believe I have a package for you." I thought that was strange. Who on earth would be sending me a package here? Weird. Very weird.  Then I opened it and had a good belly laugh. No, I certainly did not have this cheater fabric from Mary's 2001 collection. I wasn't even quilting then! The gentleman was a friend of Mary's and she dug this out of a scrap bin to send over.

So then I happened to run into her again at the DAR Quilt Symposium this spring (more on that later.) I had to confess I hadn't been able to complete the bag yet, but I had big plans for using that fabric. This is the Midi Bag by Quiltsmart.

Her cheater fabric was exactly what I needed to use for the lining. And I mean exactly, there wasn't a 1/2 inch to spare! I think it was meant to be. I added a few pockets that the pattern didn't call for as I expect to use this as a project bag. It is the perfect size for an appliqué project or even knitting. 

Every time I use it I'll think of that fun trip and look forward to returning for a retreat one day.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

One For You, Two For Me

While I was waiting for the glue to dry on the treadle machine cabinet I kept myself busy in the sewing room. I pulled out some handmade fabrics from my stash that I purchased last year on my trip to Alaska to make a bag for my daughter who loves owls. 

Then I made one for me as well.

And I finished piecing my Love at Home quilt.  I am anxious to get this one off to a long-arm quilter as I have a blank wall waiting for it to be hung in the great room. 

We've been crazy busy trying to keep up with yard work. The rain is making everything grow at lightning speed. The hedge in front of our old house had grown three feet! The weeds just keep coming. I suppose now that I've complained about it things will dry up and I'll have to start watering. Ugh. I'd rather be quilting.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Elsie's Treadle Revived

After four days of serious work the cabinet and machine are ready to be put to use again.







I'm continuing to add Kramer's Best Antique Restorer to the top as it needs a few (30?) more coats over time. In the mean time she has been given a place of honor in Sheville where she will be used often. I now consider it one of my most prized possessions. Unfortunately this has spurred a new addiction for me. I see another old treadle machine on Craigslist in a completely different style that desperately needs a makeover. Must resist!