Sunday, January 13, 2008


Saturday: The guys went blacksmithing. A. made a couple of potted plant hangers. Then they worked on cleaning up the barn. We think we've finally found a forge at a reasonable price, so it sounds like the barn's going to be part blacksmith shop, part lawn and garden storage and part chicken coop. While they worked on that I foraged for food and ran some other errands. Made homemade pizza for dinner.

Sunday: He put a coat of paint on the walls in the pantry. I scrubbed toilets, etc. A. cleaned his room and continued building a medieval castle because that evil teacher he has said he had to do work on the weekend. Watched the Colts lose. Made a homemade chicken pot pie. I'm happy to report the smoke alarm was not involved in either meal. Baby steps.

I'd take bets on who finishes their project first, the pantry, the castle or learning to cook but the kid has more free time than the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

We had homemade Pizza too! I thought my DH would have it all ready to go when I got home from church. Wrong!! It's not good to let a pregnant women starve. She just might bite your head off. So while waiting for the dough to rise. I had a bowl of peaches and was good to go.

Renee said...

I consider putting the frozen pizza in the oven cooking, so I am beyond impressed.

Ely said...

Hi from very far..
the porch is for me one of the mythical imagines of u.s.a.
many many times I've dreamt to sit on it in the evening with friends..

Maybe I've watched too many movies..

cheers from Italy!