Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Palace for my Peeps

It's still snowing. I'm still sick of it. It's also bloody cold out there. Too cold to walk around and figure out where the chicken palace is going. Yep, yesterday it was a coop, today it's a palace. That's the way we do things around here. No worries though. When it comes time to actually spend the bucks it'll be back to a coop.I found a brilliant plan over at BackwoodsHome for a chicken yard and garden combination. One year the garden is in one side, the next year the chickens are. The compost heap is in the middle. About the easiest way to fertilize I can think of. So now we just need to stake it out to make sure it will fit where we're planning and then get some prices on materials. I wonder, if you live in the middle of nowhere do you have to get a building permit for a chicken coop?


LRC said...

Your "coop" looks bigger than my house:)

Jennifer said...

Mmm... fresh eggs!

In my area, you don't have to get a permit for a freestanding building or shed that is smaller than 10'by 10'... it's probably different county to county.

Anonymous said...

You mom wanted a chicken coop...but an old fashioned she put an ad in the local ag newspaper asking if anyone wanted to get rid of theirs...and she got a bunch of phone calls. She actually got to take her pick. Then she and Dad just hauled it home on a trailer...they fixed the floor and windows and it looks great now!
That might make your chicken dreams happen sooner :)