Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We've Got the Fever

Froggie went a courtin' and he did ride, uh-huh. Spring is in the air here at Frog Hollow Farm. Yep, I'm thinking about renaming this old homestead. Frog Hollow Farm. I like it. It suits the place considering the frog croaking coming from the hollow back in the woods is so stinkin' loud you can't hear yourself think.

The frogs aren't the only ones with Spring Fever. Nope, I've got it bad. I'm making lists. We've got lots to do around here. There's been no rest for anyone. The windows needed washing and I just happen to have an overwhelming fear of falling. So that left the Engineer to climb all the way up there to tackle the second and third floors. He's a good boy like that.

I sent the Kid out to play the worlds largest game of pick-up-sticks. He didn't find it very entertaining until we set the pile on fire. Then it was at least tolerable. Poor thing doesn't realize there's about another day and a half worth of limb picking up left to do.

While they were doing that I started the task of hauling all of Mother Nature's mulch out of the flower beds. You can see by the picture that there's nothing between us and the Rocky Mountains to stop the wind out here on the prairie. Raking leaves in the fall is a lot like bailing water out of a leaking rowboat so I just wait 'til spring. Even with the guy's help it will take me about three full days to clean out all the flower beds and we'll end up with a pile the size of a pickup truck.

I've also been scrubbing a million little pots to start a million little seeds. I'll tell ya more about that later.

Because I want to tell you about the most most important thing we've been working on this week. We've been making babies!

No, no, no. This is a family friendly blog. Get your minds out of the gutter people.

I set eggs in the incubator!

With any luck in about 21 days Old One Eyed Calico Jack and Blackbeard will be passing out little chicken size cigars.


Unknown said...

I haven't noticed the frogs yet. Though we have a muskrat that's about ready to drive us nuts. He's making a terrible mess of our pond. The guys are gettin some good target practice in because of him.

I'm glad you posted a picture of the incubator, I was worried there for a minute. Enjoy your day, it's gonna be a good one!

Winona said...

We have had a lovely couple of days here too. We always have so much work to do once spring hits that it is kind of overwhelming. I hope you have great luck with your hatch. I have hatched many, many chicks out, but I think I am buying some chicks from Orscheln's this year. I want something other than Rhode Island Reds. Have a good day. Winona

Terri said...

We haven't heard the frogs yet, but I can't wait!!! :)

StitchinByTheLake said...

Wish I could be outside working but I am babysitting - and I wouldn't change that. :) Ok, here's a question. How do you know if you have girl babies or boy babies? Or do you? And when do you? blessings, marlene

johnmayersquare said...

I have some eggs in my bator right now too! Sooooo fun! I hope you have a good hatch and a successful spring clean!

Christine said...

Actually Marlene, with this breed there's no way to know until they start to crow. Some other breeds you can tell by the chick's colors. And then there are some people who work for the professional hatcheries called chicken sexers that can actually tell by looking at a day old chick's behind. But even then they're not 100% accurate.

Jayne said...

It's spring here, too! A couple mornings ago on the way home from work, a muskrat waddled along the road in front of me. Last night when I was sitting out on the front porch the froggies were a-courtin' too. I thought I had a boring job...at least I don't have to look at chicken butts all day like those chick-sexers do! lol

Christine Thresh said...

I gave you a "Sisterhood Award" on my blog today.