Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Mother Nature Tree Service

We had our trees trimmed Friday night while we lounged around in our luxurious basement. We didn't have to do a thing. Mother Nature took care of it all. She didn't miss a tree.

I'm going to have to write to the service department though.

This used to be my favorite tree. It was perfectly shaped. I was looking forward to watching the sheep graze under it's boughs. I didn't want this one trimmed. Yet all the old, dead branches on other trees I did not want are still standing. I guess I should have spray painted them with a big, orange X.

She also misplaced our outdoor furniture while she was here. We'd like to know where the chair is that goes to that cushion.

But most importantly, we really feel like she could have stuck around and helped with the clean up.

I certainly won't be providing her a good reference. Wieners and marshmallows anyone?

(Don't worry, I counted beaks. All chickens have been accounted for and were unharmed.)


Unknown said...

That looks familiar. The same thing happened here only we didn't go to the basement.

No trees fell this time but we did lose several branches. Jack had a golf scramble saturday morning so when he left I went out and picked up what I could then I drug the heavier limbs to the burn pile. The only thing that blew away was an empty 1500 gallon poly tank that landed in our neighbors field. It's already back home. This time, no chain saws were needed....and I'm thankful for that!

If I didn't live so far away I'd take you up on those wieners and marshmallows! Cleaning up is more fun when you've got help.:D

Glad no chickens were hurt!

Patsy said...

Some strom you had there. So glad you are all ok.

The Brother said...

Just think how much easier that cleanup would be with one of those small tractors. lol

sewprimitive karen said...

Wow, what a storm. Good thing the chickens didn't blow away. Sorry you have to do all that clean-up.

Karen Anne said...

That's some big pile of branches.

I drag the branches that fall off my trees into a brush pile out of the way, for the wild critters to have shelter. I've never had a pile that big, however.

Lil said...

Glad you're all (and the chickens, too) okay. We don't get that kind of wind here very often (Southern California). Wow. :-)

Nara Malone said...

Glad everyone came through safe. You have my sympathies on the cleaning up. The storm season got started early this year and it has been a mean one.