Monday, May 20, 2013

Cha Ching

Progress continues.

Chimney two before:

Chimney two during:

Turns out chimney number three in the next photo was even worse than one and two. It had to be taken completely down to the roofline and rebuilt.



Today they are starting on the tuck pointing and the cracked window sills are getting replaced. Water seeping in through the cracks is causing the bricks under it to bulge out right there in the center. Looks like someone replaced one of the bricks at some point but never fixed the real issue.

This is another rather expensive project as you can't just run down to Lowe's and pick a couple of limestone sills up. It was a six-hour round trip on Saturday to fetch the replacements from Bloomington, Indiana.

But the good news is we have a meeting scheduled with the historical preservation grant committee for tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully they will like and approve of what we are doing here. And even more importantly want to contribute!


Julie Ann said...

It really is a labor of love when you have old homes because it will always keep you broke! I applaude y'all for slowly bringing her back. I know from the pictures she looks beautiful, but until you really look at tuck pointing, sills, window panes, etc., you just don't realize how much work there is! Hang in there andkeep the faith!

Anonymous said...

OH gosh yes! I hope you receive contributions.. Money can add up so fast when fixing or renovating or restoring a house. Good luck!

Lynda said...

Too bad you can't get someone like Holmes on Homes to do some work. I wonder if they charge you? Just the little stuff we have done around here - - like rebuilding the basement wall and leveling floors hits the pocketbook. I don't even want to imagine what all you are dishing out in cash!

Karen Anne said...

I'm puzzled about chimney two. I see that the indented parts are detail, but what about the vertical stack of bricks with a horizontal bunch beneath them, all under the indented top part, is that supposed to be indented and some PO filled it in?

This must be costing an arm and a leg.

Christine said...

That stack of bricks will be outlined in red mortar. Not sure what the crazy victorian architect was thinking there. Just a design detail. There is another one on chimney one.