Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dirty Little Secrets

I kinda have a thing about sewing boxes. I've always liked sewing boxes. I remember I had a pink wooden one when I was a little girl that my grandmother had painted with little white flowers. I loved that I had my very own tomato pincushion, measuring tape and other sewing notions. I later graduated to a plastic handled case that held not only those things, but my embroidery floss and hoops. I had that case for well over 25 years. Since then my stash of sewing items has grown from fitting in that small case to filling an entire room. I know I can't fit all my notions into a small box anymore, but I still can't resist a nice sewing box when I see one. 

There is something about a person's sewing box that speaks volumes about their personality. I have a particular passion for the pincushion/thread keep/box combination type. My mother gifted me with this little gem several years ago. I love it for its plain and simple lines—it says, "I am humble and down-to-earth." 

Although the same size and function, this next one leans a bit more to the artsy, free-spirit side.

It has a lazy susan top and tramp-art-style decoration that says, "I like a bit of drama."

My latest acquisition I find even more interesting. It has a lazy susan, and while it is difficult to tell in the photo, it is decorated with a gold leaf fleur de lis between each spool and on the lid. Very high-end and classy in its day, I'm sure.

The box lid even swivels dramatically to reveal a place for notions. Over all it is a lovely piece that says, "Look at me."

I have to admit I've had this for a month now, but I just noticed its dirty little secret. The top of this high-end classy piece was actually just recycled from a spoon-carved panel of some sort. 

Proof you shouldn't judge a box by its cover. How often do we make these same assumptions about each other?


Sharon E said...

Oh, your boxes are so cool! I don't recall seeing any in the antique stores I frequent. I bet I've passed them by not knowing. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Great post! I can imagine some young man making that last one for his bride. They were very resourceful and creative, something our world lacks today. And yes, don't judge a box by its cover!

Elaine said...

Your sewing boxes are great!! I don't recall seeing such lovelies.

Lynda said...

Retired from being a library director, I, too learned not to judge a book by its cover - - even though people are more apt to investigate further if the cover is attractive. Your sewing table/drawers are exquisite. I can honestly saw I never remember seeing anything like them growing up and we did a lot of sewing. My favorite was the one built for my mom - - vertical - 3-4 feet high and opened with hinges in the back. It had many, many narrow shelves with pegs to hold spools and pockets at the bottom for other items.

Karen Anne said...

In my family, sewing boxes have traditionally been Whitman's Sampler boxes.