Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Legacy Project

One of the things we have been discussing at work is what type of legacy project our board wants to pursue. Boards before us left behind the star brick sidewalks that line the downtown streets, others the bronze plaques on the historic buildings. We are searching for that one great project--the project that will be our legacy.

I think this concept should be embraced by everyone. Not only should we be constantly scratching things off of our bucket lists, but we should all be plugging away at that one great legacy project. Since the moment I saw the tile floor in the West Baden Springs Hotel last summer, I knew that it would be my personal legacy project. I plan to copy it into a quilt.

It is an intimidating project. It will take years--maybe even a decade. And who knows, maybe I'll never finish it? The maker of the following quilt top never finished hers back in the 1840s. But I suspect that, like me, that was not necessarily ever her intention anyway.

More so, the point is to focus a concentrated effort on something great. Something that challenges you to keep looking forward while appreciating how far you have already come.

What will be YOUR legacy project?


Michelle said...

My son….

Elaine said...

This is absolutely beautiful!! Are you planning on doing the whole thing in a quilt or just zeroing in on a specific area? Please keep us up to date!!

Kellie from Indiana said...

Im stitching hexagons but I dont know yet what theyll be made into. Your post shows inspiration can be found anywhere, and what an inspiration that is.

LuAnn said...

I really want to get over to French Lick after seeing your post about it. Legacy project? I've finished My Dear Jane and Nearly Insane quilts but would love to do a big hexagon project like the one in your photo.