Monday, February 4, 2008

First Impressions

I was not impressed with the error message I received when I tried to open and print this weeks lesson plans this morning.

I was impressed with the speed of the response from the tech support at the software company.

I was not impressed that the file was so corrupt it could not be repaired, rendering our entire school year into oblivion.

I was impressed that I didn't send the e-mail I really wanted to send back to tech support.

I was not impressed that the three months it took me of planning, finalizing and documenting our entire school year was wasted.

I was impressed when I remembered I had a partial copy on my laptop.

I was not impressed that I had to redo everything from late November through May.

I was impressed that after four hours I was able to at least print this week's assignment sheet.

I was not impressed that it should have taken about four seconds.

But at least we are able to continue today's study of The Black Death and all it's gory details.

We certainly wouldn't want to miss out on THAT.


Jennifer said...

Grrr... the trials of computers!

Sandy said...

I totally hate when a file gets corrupted. It never happens to something unimportant! Grrrrr!!!

Renee said...

I'm REALLY impressed that you didn't send the email and that you had already planned the whole year. Isn't Ring -Around- the Rosie about the Black Death?