Monday, June 22, 2009

The Block That Never Ends

This is the block that never ends.
It goes on and on my friends.
Someone started making it not knowing what it was,
and they'll continue making it forever just because,

Hey, if it keeps running through my head why shouldn't it be running through yours? I'm a sharing and kind person. I wouldn't want to hog it for myself.

I did finally end the block though. I like it. It's about 34" wide give or take a smidge and I'm planning to use it as a wall hanging. Just need to add a sleeve to the back.

Now I'm on to my next project. Only I can't really tell you about it. I'm on a secret mission in cahoots with Agent 99 and a few others from my quilt guild. I can reveal, however, that our first assignment from the Chief was to swap 6.5" squares. We then choose a pattern, memorized it and then ate the paper to conceal the evidence.

Okay, maybe we didn't really eat the paper. We were supposed to but it didn't taste very good. You would think it they wanted you to eat it they would make it taste like chocolate or something. Anywhoo, I'll be working on this under the cover of darkness and not revealing it until our September meeting at mission control.

Now please excuse me, I have a call coming in on my shoe.

"Yes, Chief?"


Unknown said...

Boy, you are full of it this morning! Thanks for making me laugh....and for putting that song in my head!

Lil said...

Be sure to incorporate the cone of silence! :-)

Patsy said...

You are so funny, makes blogging so much more fun. Love it a call in your shoe.

Jen said...

Thanks...not only do I now have that song in my head but I've been thinking about that block all weekend. I saw one in a shop and took its picture...not the shop where the lady flipped out at me!!

Crosswinds Farm said...

Very cool!
I could have lived without the song though!!!!!!

Marilyn Robertson said...

Love the quilt, wish I could say the same for the song though!

Anonymous said...

Go go gadget, oh wait is that a different story? You have a great sense of humor, I've enjoyed reading around and singing just because...

antique quilter said...

love your quilt, I want to make that too!
oh wouldn't it be fun as a queen size quilt!!!!
hmmm may just have to do that as a long term project
can't wait to see what your going to make next!
hate to admit I watched that show...

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love this block - I will have to make it! blessings, marlene