Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rose "The Nose" Nylund

From the very beginning I've suspected there is more to The Golden Girls than meets the eye. At first glance they play their roles very well. Their personalities stay true to their characters. But sometimes they lose track of who they are. I'm not sure if they get caught up in all the Hollywood hubbub or what.

Take Rose here for instance. She usually comes across as mild-mannered and naive. However, don't let her fool you. "The Nose" knows. In fact she's sharp as a tack.

"You have a cookie in your pocket. I know you do. It's right there. I'll eat through your coat unless you give it to me now." she says.

Clearly Rose thinks she's a beagle. It might be time for a Hollywood intervention.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Ha ha - I have a few beagles too.

Mom L said...

How funny! My daughter's dogs always sniffed my pockets because I usually had treats in them when I went over. Never thought a sheep would do the same...but I did have a coatimundi stick her snout down in my cleavage once looking for cheese crackers.

Nancy in Iowa

Jayne said...

That's hilarious! So did you get out of there with your coat intact?!

Christine said...

Yes, Jayne, but I had to give up the cookie. She was VERY insistant.