Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am the Project Queen

Here’s a bit of trivia for you, did you know that I used to be a professional project manager? I managed complex computer and telecommunications projects. Now days though I figure I’m doing okay just to manage to shower, shave and get dinner on the table. But over the past couple of weeks I reached deep and reconnected with my organizational roots and managed to actually bring a few projects to completion.

The wool appliqué piece is finished and ready to for framing. This was a block of the month pattern from Quilts Plus. I believe they are now offering this as a kit with borders and sashing if you’re so inclined.  (Why does Windows Live Journal not think sashing is a word?)


The quilt pattern below is Second Hand Clothes, I bought it as a kit from Quilts Plus because I thought the colors they chose were interesting. Then I modified it a little bit, adding my own fabrics because I didn’t measure twice and cut once. I just cut. Then I cussed. Then I decided to call it an “enhancement”.  Hey, that’s what they do in the software industry. Bugs and glitches aren’t called bugs and glitches, they’re enhancements.  This quilt will look great in my guest room.


Then, because Ethel thinks the guest room is actually her room, I made another quilt to cover the first one. The colors chosen have absolutely nothing to do with the room and everything to do with the cat. It will mask her specific blend of cat hair. I made it big enough to cover the entire bed and wrap the pillows to protect them from the hairy, little beast. When I’m expecting human guests I can take the whole thing off and toss it in the wash revealing the other, prettier quilt below.


“Are you saying I’m not pretty?”DSC_4911 

Now both of the large quilts are waiting for Dinah to work her magic with her long-arm quilting machine. (Everybody wave and say hi to Dinah, she’s out there lurking.) Meanwhile, I’m moving on to another project that’s been waiting for my attention.


I made a list of all the things I want to get done before school starts back up. I actually had to break it into two columns, but classes start again in a week and a half. I wonder how many I’ll get done?



Nancy K. said...

A week and a half??? That's just awful!

Good luck with that list...


Dinah said...

Hi, Christine :) Hi, everyone, yes I'm here lurking, lol. I can't wait to get my hands on your quilts - I can already see what the 9-patch is wanting stitched on it. And designing around the cat hair is probably a good idea... you might suggest that to the lady who brought me a beautiful king-sized black quilt that she'll never use because she has 2 cats. She planned on taking it home and putting it in a closet.

Lori said...

Way to go Christine! The quilts are terrific and I think its a fantastic idea to use the topper quilt to cover the cat hair. She's a beauty!!

Lisa Martin said...

Around here (where i work) Windows=Windblows or
Windows needs an enhancement... SInce we are talking about Windows both are true. Nice to see somewhere out there someone else lived in the techie world and loves to quilt...

Jayne said...

Beautiful quilts! The colors in Ethel's quilt coordinate very nicely with her fur. I sure admire your talent.

Benita said...

You are one productive gal!!! I love that quilt.

Hi, Dinah!!

And tell Ethel that she is a very pretty cat, but she shares her "beauty" a little too freely.

A week and a half until school resumes, eh? Good luck with your list.

Mom L said...

My Mom gave me a nice little red fleece blanket so I can sleep by the window. Tee hee - she didn't expect to see it change into a flat me! I've made sure to cover it well with my beautiful calico hair.


Danni said...

From one former high tech project manager to another: YOU MAKE BEAUTIFUL QUILTS!!!! wow. I am so in awe of talented people like you. Sadly, other than being given the ability to organize things well and cajole people into getting things done, I was not gifted with any artisitic skills like you were. sigh.

It *cracks* me up that you actually made a quilt to disguise the cat fur, rather than booting her little hiney off the bed. That is true love - I hope that pretty thing appreciates your devotion. lol

"Bugs and glitches aren’t called bugs and glitches, they’re enhancements." And problems aren't problems, they're challenges! ;-)

(Hiiiiii Dinahhhhh!!!)

deborah said...

Love your quilts! I never ask anyone in who doesn't like a healthy dose of fur on their clothing or their bed:) Good luck on completing your list!

Taryn said...

I have that Quilts Plus one in pieces at my house. Thanks for showing me it can be made into a quilt! Whoda thunk it. Also love your Enhancement quilt. There is a lot of cussing that goes into quiltmaking so good for you, keeping up the tradition. What size are those blocks (in the Enhancement quilt)? Ethel should look a little more appreciative of your efforts to spruce up her bed while still letting her enjoy it. Have you given her a reason to be skeptical?

Unknown said...

Hi Dinah! Brilliant idea making a quilt to hide cat hair! Good luck on marking those projects off your list!

Sandra Henderson said...

Beautiful quilts!~You've been busy while I've been tardy at visiting your lovely blog! :)
I have the squares for a quilt all made up, you've enspired me to get them out and stitch them together and "get er dun!".

stephanie @ Luckystarquilts said...

So....made any progress on your wool BOM? Mine is in the same state as yours so maybe we'll have to keep encouraging each other to finish it.

Hi Dinah.

Fun to see the kits you're working on/have done. I work at QP so next time you're in please say Hi!