Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Daily Visit with Sophia

“Mummy! I’ve missed you so” said Sophia.


“Mmmm, a little to the left please?”DSC_4790

“Just ignore the girls over there, Dorothy is in one of her moods.”DSC_4793

“You can give me all the attention today, I’m always in the mood to snuggle.”DSC_4795

“You’re my favorite Mummy in the whole world. I love you.”DSC_4808

(twenty minutes later)

“Sophia, I love you too but I have to go inside now” I said.


“But, but, don’t leave me…”


I was bent over, busy picking burrs off of Blanche the other day when Sophia, in a jealous rage, reared back and head butted me. She’s starting to freak me out. Like in a Fatal Attraction kind of way. I may need to get this girl some sheep therapy.



Michelle said...

Love the smile on her face!

Nancy K. said...

TOO funny!
Great photos.

I had a sheep that got like that. Anytime I petted another sheep she would butt me and then RUN! She knew I'd smack her for butting so it was always 'hit and run' with her. Poor little, jealous thing...the end result is that she didn't get petted anymore!

Michelle said...

I sat with my sheep this morning, and once again experienced the urgent need to have more than two hands!

Benita said...

She has such a pleasant face and that one of you scratching her chin is wonderful!

Callie Brady said...

Those are super photos. You are an amazing photographer. I don't know how you managed petting and taking photos at the same time.

Whosyergurl said...

She didn't hurt you, did she?
I have a corgi that is jealous of the keyboard. She has to sit up beside me and nudges her head under my hand. I have a kittrs that does the same, too.
xo, Cheryl

Jayne said...

Great photos! Jealousy rears its ugly head at my house, too. If I pick up one of the cats my dog will leap up and bite its tail.

Sandra Henderson said...

So cute! A little Attention Deficit Disorder going on there... :)
Great photos!