Friday, November 2, 2012

None of This Ever Happened

We are all business in the barn at work. Our jobs are to educate the guests about serious issues like where our food comes from. Very serious stuff. 

The super responsible livestock manager would have 
no part in any shenanigans going on in the barn. Not even
if it were Halloween and the last day of the season.

And, of course, none of us would dare do anything silly 
like dress a baby goat up with a bucking bull rider the minute he left the building.

Nor would we dress them in a pig costume. 

Our guests wouldn't enjoy a calf/moose one bit.

The volunteers would think the idea stinks. 

Not even a John Deere hat would be appropriate in this barn. 

Good thing none of this ever happened.


Unknown said...

Crazy dreams.

Anonymous said...

Love the skunk photo. LOL Pepe Le Pew for sure!

Elaine said...

You most certainly have one of the funnest jobs ever!! What a hoot.

Earlene said...

I love it!

Michelle said...

Glad to see your humor is intact. :-)

Unknown said...

Love it:-D

Kfortune said...

That was a fun last day of the season for me. Thanks for posting the pictures.