Monday, December 21, 2009

Feeding the Homeless

We've been feeding the homeless around here far too long. These guys need to find new homes or they'll be in line at the back door of the soup kitchen instead of the front if you know what I mean. Anybody need a handsome little rooster?

Normally by this age a rooster would be so aggressive I would have no issue whatsoever making a royal proclamation of "Off With Their Heads" and sending them to freezer camp. But these guys aren't mean.

Not even a little bit. They're great little roosters and take good care of their ladies. I just don't need this many. But they would make perfect little flock leaders for someone else. They're small. Bantam size. But surprisingly don't seem to have short man syndrome. (They would make great stocking stuffers.)

This one is going to be gorgeous, he's still developing his colors. I'd really like to keep him but I just don't have the room. We're running out of beds here at the shelter and I've already planned on stashing one in the closet.

So what do you say? Can you help us relocate the homeless this holiday season?


Unknown said... don't need roosters, you don't need don't need roosters.

I'm gonna pretend I didn't see this!

Johanna said...

Good luck with that! I made the mistake of accepting someone else's extras a couple of summers ago and it was not a good situation.

Currently I have an adult rooster who's become very aggressive and two cockerels about to be mature. I feel for you!

(If you find someone to take yours and they need a few more...!!!)

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Oh they are soooooo beautiful!
I have 6 roosters...... I looking for homes too!

I rescued a homeless bunny the other day and bought hubby a parakeet for christmas, he keeps reminding me we don't need any more mouths to feed!

Have a great Christmas
Hugz, Dolly

Come n visit sometime!

Tonia said...

Cute! I like the last one But I am down to 2 roos and Dont need anymore!Lol

Mom L said...

Will they eat cat food and live in an apartment? Darn!!

Nancy in Iowa

Katidids said...

Wish I cold but the coyote's would get them here.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Sorry to say, but looks like you are on your own out there ;-).

Materfamilias said...

So I wonder if a crowing rooster would annoy my neighbor as much as my baying coon hound does. Too, bad I live in suburbia.

Wished I lived in the country they are beautiful roosters.

Renee said...

LOL - I bet the girls would LOVE to have roosters in their stockings. Or rather, what was left of them after Maggie found them. Good Luck!

imagrandma2five said...

Where at in Indiana are you? I'd be intersted in taking one of the boys. We've got a dozen hens and have been wanting a roo.
Love your blog. I'm an HT member too!