Sunday, October 16, 2011

Popcorn’s Playpen

We never could understand what that railing was intended for. Visitors would sit and debate the endless possibilities. This weekend I think we might have discovered the purpose. It is a playpen for bottle lambs.
Popcorn has stolen the show at Billie Creek this week. Sometimes they’ll look at me and pay attention to my spinning but for the most part it’s all about Popcorn.
It has gone straight to her head. On the second day we passed a pasture full of sheep and she yelled out the window, “Hey, I’m a star. I’m going to be adored.”
Or she might have been saying, “Help, save me!”
I don’t speak sheep.
Today we both walked to the village to have lunch. It was like walking to town with Cher or Madonna. The paparazzi was insane.
She’s staying home tomorrow. You know. So she can rest.
Not because I’m jealous or anything.


Karen Patrick said...

She was definetly a star. People were just enchanted with her. Including me.

Unknown said...

I swear I did not read any too deep into your commentary, though I kept hearing a voice in the background screaming " stealer" but then again at age 43 my hearing is sometimes off according to my 8th grade students

Mary Ann said...

I love the little sheep. Were you in this story????

Nancy K. said...

Didn't the rifle fire frighten Popcorn? Such a brave little lamb. It was nice of her to let you accompany her to lunch!

The Barn Door said...

How adorable!! She is truly a star and I can see how she would steal the show!!

Christine said...

No guns at this event, Nancy.

Jayne said...

She's so cute! And I'm jealous of you spending so much time at the village. I'd love to do something like that.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yep, you should take her into an Irish bar on St. Patrick's Day. Sheep are rock stars :-).