Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome to the Land of Cookies, Girls

I have some new friends. They came to me via Theresa and Tori at Under the Son Farm.

Tula is a more, shall we say, mature girl. She’s giving up her stay-at-home-mom job and semi-retiring to the land of cookies and bedtime snacks.


She’ll still be required to produce her drop-dead gorgeous fleece each year. It actually glistens in the sunlight. Wow.


She and Sophia used to be rivals in their youth, should be interesting to see who gets to be the head sheep in charge once they are combined into the same area. Tula has made it abundantly clear that she is  in charge of the quarantine.

Then there is Paisley. Just look at that color!  She is a beautiful grey under those br0wn tips and sooooooo soft. I simply cannot wait to shear this cute little thing.


Paisley is a little skittish but I’m sure she’ll warm right up once she discovers the joy of cookies.


“Cookies? What are cookies?” she asks.

This next adorable creature is Popcorn.


Popcorn was a bottle baby which Tori and Theresa spoiled rotten.  I LOVE Popcorn. Sweetest little creature EVER. I totally want to bring her into the house to watch movies with me. You can’t watch movies without popcorn, right?

The Engineer says no.


I guess we’ll just have to do it when he’s gone. Winking smile


Welcome to the land of cookies, girls. I think you’ll like it here.



Denise at Autumn Sky said...

More lucky animals ending up at your farm.

Nancy K. said...

What beautiful new additions! Lovely colors and you'll have so much fun spinning their gorgeous fleece.

Congratulations on expanding the family!

Michelle said...

Would you stop flaunting your access to Theresa's sheep!?! (Although I must say I'm more excited about the lambs I might get from my own sheep next spring than ever before. :-) Congratulations!!!

Tombstone Livestock said...

movies and popcorn .... flat screen in the barn would solve the problem ...............

Tombstone Livestock said...

love shetland sheep, 7 ewe lambs this last spring all a different color.

Karen Anne said...

Beautiful sheep!

I like the tv in the barn idea.

Theresa said...

Ok, NOW I get it!! I am just a day late and slow on the draw . . . movies and Popcorn . . . Of course, you'll have to sneak that one by . . . and at least she won't leave little white pieces between the couch covers. Maybe black ones though with her cookie crumbs . . .

thecrazysheeplady said...


The Barn Door said...

Oh I LOVE the new kids on the block!! I would for sure be having popcorn in the house for movies!!!

Mary Ann said...

Oh my, is Popocorn a babydoll southdown? She is darling!

Christine said...

No, they're all Shetlands.