Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baa Baa Black Sheep

They might not be show girls. They wouldn't win the Fair Queen title. But I tell you what, they would give Miss Congeniality a run for the money. Considering they came from a farm with about two hundred sheep you wouldn't believe how friendly the Golden Girls are.

And it's not just humans they like, they get along with everybody. Even if that everybody barks at them for hours.

Sadly, not everyone shares their outgoing, unprejudiced personalities. In fact, the chickens were somewhat offended when the girls barged into their run unannounced. They demanded the girls leave immediately and closed the door behind them.

Prius and Penelope, however, were still out running amok in the barn lot. When they returned a couple hours later they were grounded for hanging out and getting in trouble with the wrong crowd. Teenagers now days! Next thing you know they'll have their ears pierced just like the sheep.


Angie said...

That second photo sans the beagle and insert poodle could be my house! My sheep aren't prize winners either for the most part but I do love them and I have a black sheep. Her name is Dorcas.

Sharrie said...

Enjoy your enthusiasm for your sheep. Looked at your pantry cupboards. My house/project is an original log farmhouse. We will need cabinets someday if I live that long. Yours are beautiful.

Nara Malone said...

My dog is like your sheep. He likes to be friends with everyone, including the deer and rabbits he's supposed to be keeping from the garden.

Terri said...

I love your sheep. I think my hens could get along with a few sheep - now if I could just convince my husband!

Unknown said...

I see you installed the perfect fence for sheep. I don't think their heads will get stuck in that! Or the dogs.;D