Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Must Confess

It's easy to sit out here in blog land and pretend we're perfect. Perfect children, perfect house, perfect pets, perfect garden but I have a confession to make. I weeded my garden once in early spring and I haven't looked back since. (I'll pause here why you gasp.) There are weeds taller than me. Okay maybe that's not saying much since I'm barely over five foot tall but they are WAY taller than I am. So that is something.

I'm so thankful Mother Nature has my back on this one. Even though I have completely neglected my gardening duties, she's still putting on a heck of a show. She does it so much better than I do I think I'm going to relinquish control over to her more and more. The Coreopsis here for instance. It's lovely, but I hate deadheading it. It's out of here next year.

The heirloom phlox on the other hand can stay. If it didn't get mildew in this wet and dreary year than maybe it's a keeper.

The white variety, too.

The ditch lilies didn't put on a great show this year. I think they must like it dry. Oh, and maybe the 100 pound dog ripping them up by the roots didn't help either.

The Rose of Sharon just started. They're beautiful, but I sure wish they were somewhere else in the yard. They've been there for over 100 years though so I guess they're staying. Can you imagine the size of the root ball on these puppies?

Sweet peas run amok along my entrance garden. There is a fence there for them to climb but they don't. I give up trying to make them. Have at it sweet peas, do as you please.

One of my personal favorites, the hydrangeas. Always, always love them.

So what's blooming in your neck of the woods?


LDWatkins said...

Your flowers are so pretty. It's so hot here now that nothing much is in bloom!

Patsy said...

My flowers are looking sad. Yours look bright and happy.

Unknown said...

I've been pruning and deadheading here. Some things don't look as good now as they did in June, but then there are others that have taken off like my autumn clematis and shasta daisies, both of which I planted this spring. Oh yeah, my lavender is looking good and so are my annuals. I gave up on all but one of my potted plants...I don't have much luck with those.

Terri said...

Oh, my friend, you are not the only one lacking in perfection out here in blogland! I think I have more horse nettle in my flowerbeds than I have flowers, and the only reason the garden isn't full of weeds is because we bought the soil for raised beds this year!

The flowers are lovely, though, aren't they?

Rayna said...

Yeah, I don't weed much either. More than once a year, but not much more. Mostly it's, get home in the morning, walk over to see what's blooming while I pick a few weeds, and then I'm done. I HATE weeding lol. I love my daylilies, personally, but unless you have a large clump, it's kinda crappy unless you have rebloomers, because as in the name, the blooms only last a day. Love hosta too, though the blooms aren't much for show. Colombine and delphinium are nice as well.

Lori said...

I love flowers and yours are beautiful! My coreopsis seeds like crazy and it wants to take over. The next few days are supposed to be close to 100 degrees and there isn't much that likes it that hot- including me!

Michelle said...

Sweet peas grow wild in the ditches here, and are blooming now. (I've never heard daylilies called "ditch lilies!") Hydrangeas can't survive the deer, and I've never tried phlox, coreopsis or rose of sharon. My dahlias are blooming now; they get my vote for deer avoidance, color, and variety of size and bloom!

Marilyn Robertson said...

I have many of the same flowers that you do, but you are ahead of me. We planted Rose of Sharon bushes this year, and they just have buds so far. This is my first year for Coreopsis and so far I have had one flower bloom. The Phlox has suffered with mildew from our wet June, but it looks like it will bloom soon. I also have many weeds, but I wont' talk about them!

goddessof4 said...

I hate to say it but I have hardly planted anything!!! Your flowers look fab!!! Maybe next summer I will feel like gardening again!!!! LOL

Angela said...

WE deadhead with the weedeater. You might wanna try it. Seriously it works!