Monday, July 13, 2009

Criminal Minds

Remember the little chicken door we added to the run to keep the sheep from crashing their party? It measured 12"x8".

It's now been modified to look like this. Measuring 6"x8".

Why you ask? Ooooh let me tell ya.

Because I was wrong about the sheep. They're not the riff-raff hanging outside a hip and trendy night club. They're not the paparazzi trying to get a glimpse of the rich and famous. Nope. They're nothing but a band of common criminals staking out the joint! Yes indeed, they actually managed to squeeze those woolly bodies of theirs in through that 12"x8" space and were trashing the place. Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it myself.

You just can NOT leave young folks unsupervised now days. Rose and Blanche are just babies, but Dorothy is a yearling and really should have known better by now. She should have been setting a good example. Instead she's leading them to a life of crime. She's also not stopped whining and crying since she got here. We assume she is suffering from severe separation anxiety. Regardless, it was obvious we needed to bring in a baby sitter.

Meet Sophia.

She is four years old. Calm, cool and collected and instantly brought order to chaos yesterday afternoon when we brought her home. I love her already. But I won't trust her any farther than I could spit her either. You never know, she might be the ring leader of the crime syndicate.


Lisa said...

ha ha ha you're kidding!!! That is a very funny story... naughty sheep!

Sharrie said...

They sure can shove those furry bodies through small places. Yours is a funny example. At least it wasn't dangerous for them. They are just little criminals at heart!

Angie said...

Our sheep have taken to jumping and hitting the rabbit feeders so that the feed spills ont he ground for their snacking pleasures. :/

Whoever said sheep aren't smart sure are dumb.

Winona said...

I am glad you have added Sophia. Just wasn't complete without her. LOL Our goats did the same thing to get in the chicken house for the chicken feed. I would never have believed they could squeeze through that tiny opening, but they did.LOL Winona

Jen said...

Man, you have some funny sheep!! I can just picture you standing there, mouth agape and pointing towards the coop while they did this.

Lil said...

I just love that you named your sheep after the Golden Girls. That's terrific! :-) Thank you for sharing your chickens & sheep with us.

Terri said...

Sheep - they just look innocent!!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Oh my gosh.....
NO I would'nt have believed it either!
There is always so kinda chaos in the farm yard isn't there!

Our baby chicks just arrived so I am excited to watch them grow and bond!

Have a fun week