Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blogger Bob

Not to be left out, or outshone by dogs on blogs, when I told Bob his fans were asking for him he agreed to an exclusive interview...

  1. What breed are you? A Barred Plymouth Rock. Barred refers to the color of my feathers, lots of chicken breeds can have the barred color but most people don't know that and they think all chickens that look like me are Barred Rocks.
  2. How old are you? I am almost nine months old.
  3. What is your full name? Bob A. Roo
  4. Do you have any nicknames? Bobster, Bumbling Bob, Bubba, Bob the Bruiser and when I bit mom's face yesterday she called me another name that started with the letter b but she said I can't say that here.
  5. Where do you sleep? I used to sleep on the top roost until Blackbeard came along. He's meaner than he looks you know. He threatened to kill me. He stole my spot and most of my girls. I hate him. Now I have to take what I can get. But I have plans to take back my turf. Big plans. You just wait and see, I'm gonna... Calm down, Bob. OK, but I really want that top roost...
  6. What is your favorite thing to do? I'm a rooster. I eat, poop, scratch and cavort. I can't watch sports, I don't have a TV. What else is there?
  7. What is something interesting/unusual about you? Aw, do I hafta answer that Mom? Yes, Bob. But, Moooom. Go ahead, Bob. *in a whisper* I like to sit in Mom's lap when no one is looking.
  8. Who is your best friend? Real roosters don't make friends. But my girlfriends, Beth and Sammie, have disappeared and I really miss them. Mom took them away. She says she'll bring them back once their feet are all better but I don't believe her so I'm not letting her get near any of the other girls without a fight. That's why I bit her yesterday. She keeps stealing our eggs, too.
  9. Did you go to obedience school? Huh? Is that the same as freezer camp? Oh, I don't want to go there. My brothers went there and never came back.
  10. Can you do any tricks? I can dance on one foot while displaying my feathers. Really, you can dance? Yeah, the chicks dig it...
And there you have it. Blogger Bob's debut.


Unknown said...

Aww...thanks Christine! I really appreciate getting to know Bob better. Keep us posted on that top roost. I've got a feeling it's not over between him and Blackbeard! You may have to build a boxing ring out there!
Some advice though....be careful with showing affections with Bob. Blackbeard will give him some new nicknames if he catches the two of you and calling him Mamma's Boy won't be the half of it!

Ha! my word verification is rerpent! That's gonna bug me all day now!! Ha Ha!

Carol said...

Just gotta' love that Bob and it does sound like he may be a Mama's boy but I don't think that should be held against him. Blackbeard may be the "meanie" and a little stronger than Bob in a fight but Bob definitely has the looks. He is a "hottie".

Jayne said...

YAY!! I was really hoping Bob would be the guest blogger. It's every bit as funny as I thought it would be. Bob, a lap-rooster--who woulda thunk it??

Anonymous said...

I've loved Bob from first sight. It's so nice to be able to get to know him better.