Friday, January 9, 2009

Eggs. It's What's for Dinner.

There was a day when I complained that my hens were not laying yet. Yeah.

I'm SO over that!

Everybody laid an egg today. Well, every able bodied hen that is. Mildred (one of Blackbeard's Wenches) didn't but she never has. I think maybe she's um, going through the change if you will. I'm sure she produced plenty of lovely eggs in her day. And then there's Sammie, Beth's sister. She's decided to molt in the middle of the winter. Luckily for her she also has a bum foot and is resting comfortable on the warm back porch with Beth. Her foot is healing quickly. Her feathers growing back, not so much. It might be a little chilly for her when she goes back out.

But back to the eggs. I've got big eggs, little eggs, brown eggs, green eggs and now Precious is laying and her cute little eggs are pink! I'm getting fourteen eggs a day. FOURTEEN. A DAY. They're supposed to slow way down or even stop laying during the winter. There are long lists of things you are supposed to have to do in order to get your hens to lay when it's cold, like leaving a light on to extend they're daylight hours, etc. I'm not doing ANY of those things and yet they keep churning out the eggs.

So do me a favor will you? Post your favorite egg recipe. I need all I can get.


Andee said...

Here is one of our favorites!

Whole Chicken
1 pkg. carrots
1/2 pkg. celery
4 chicken bullion cubes
salt and pepper
onion salt
9 eggs
Cover the chicken with water and throw in big chunks of onion. Boil until the chicken falls off the bone. Add water so it is always covered. Cool completely (or put in fridge overnight, and skim fat and debone saving juice and meat). Put back in pan add veges, salt, pepper and onion salt. Simmer three or four hours. For the dumplings mix the eggs, flour, salt and pepper til cookie dough like. Drop in by teaspoonful (in HOT soup) Continue to cook soup another half hour before serving.

Unknown said...

I'll see what I can come up with.
Too bad Easter is 14 weeks away!

Carol said...

I really have no favorite. I think Milah and I must be thinking the same thought about Easter. Sounds like you won't have to color any Easter eggs as the chicks are doing it for you.
I never knew eggs came in all those colors.