Sunday, January 11, 2009

Short, Dark and Handsome

The man of the house. The big cheese. The purveyor of his domain.

He runs a tight ship. Nobody gets away with anything under Blackbeard's command. He's the strong silent type. He doesn't need to make a lot of noise. His presence alone commands respect. But he's not afraid to get in someone's face if he needs to remind them of that.

A regular ladies man, he's good looking and he knows it. His iridescent feathers glisten in the sunlight. He has the ladies at his beck and call. They adore him.

And in case they need some reminding...he's not afraid to woo them by fluffing and warming their nest box.

Maybe I should have named him Casanova?


Cindy said...

Wow! Gorgeous! What's his breed?

Unknown said...

Oh...that's funny!

Christine said...

Cindy, he's an Easter Egger, aka mutt with the green egg gene.

Anonymous said...

He's so beautiful. He would make me compromise my principles. If I was a chicken, that is.

Jayne said...

Ohhh, once again you crack me up!! What a guy--wish he came in human form. Maybe if I kiss him? I mean, why should toads be the only ones to turn into princes?!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Aw he looks like he is the king of the coop!

I love the pans in the laying boxs...I bet its alot easier to clean!

I can't wait to get chickens this summer!

I will enjoy yours until we get our own!

Hugz, Dolly

Anonymous said...

Hello there! As a fellow hoosier,I very much enjoy your blog. I am getting ready to create a new nesting setup for my hens and really like the one you have. Did you find the design on-line somewhere or did you develop the dimensions, etc? It looks like a great set up. Have you been happy with it?